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Save 5% off when you rent 2 or more books with this exclusive coupon.

Book renting is quickly becoming more popular than book buying when it comes to picking up textbooks for college. The reasons are pretty clear. When getting books for school, students might spend hundreds of dollars, but then only use the books for a semester. For students that are struggling on already tight budgets, these purchases can be a difficult expense to get past. However, many new companies are offering a great alternative. They allow students to rent the textbooks they need instead of buying them. Bookrenter is one of these companies.

Colin Barceloux started Bookrenter in 2006 after working as a campus mailman on the Santa Clara University campus. He was inspired to start a book rental program when he saw a giant pile of books on the campus bookstore table labeled ‘low or no value’. It amazed him that a book that could cost $100 could suddenly have no value after only a few months. He decided to find a way around this, by creating a rental program that would allow students to rent their books for a portion of the price. It was then that Bookrenter was born.

Bookrenter lets you rent the books you need and return them at a fraction of the price of buying them. On top of that, you can also find great Bookrenter coupons online to increase your savings.

  • You can save 10% and get free shipping with coupon code BR5OFF2012
  • Get 5% off 3 or more rentals and free shipping with code SUMMERMRR

Despite their name, Bookrenter doesn’t just offer book rentals. If you need to buy a book, they have partnered with a number of major retailers to offer books for sale as well. That way, whether you rent or buy, you can be sure you’re getting the best price on the books you need.

How to Use a Bookrenter Promo Code

Step 1 – Identify the coupon code

To use a Bookrenter coupon code appropriately, you will need to first identify the coupon. You either can click on the link and are directed to the company’s website, or write it down for easy application when checking out.Bookrenter-identify-coupon

Step 2 – Activate the deal

Once you click on the link provided, it will automatically direct you to the company’s site and activate the saving deal at the same time.Bookrenter-deal-activate

Step 3 – Search books

Once the deal is activated you should land on this page, where you can search for the book or books your want to rent or buy.Bookrenter-search-books

Step 4 – Choose your rental or buying options

Once you select the desired book, you can choose to either rent, for between 30 and 125 days, the longer the rental period, the cheaper it is, buy an eBook, which is delivered wirelessly to your devices or buy a hard copy of the book, which ever you prefer and depending on the availability of the purchase option.Bookrenter-rental-buying-options

Step 5 – Create account or Login

If you have an account, log in, and if not, you can create one using either Facebook or your email and then proceed to check out.Bookrenter-account-creation

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